Partner Program


  • When partners come together one force that enables and strengthens its ability to supply products and services offered!
  • Shamgar Group Ltd is proud to present the affiliate program that offers an extended platform of technological progress.
  • Shamgar Group Inc. gives you the tools and solutions to expand the services to your customers.
  • Also gives you the opportunity to take part in the success and technology.
  • To learn more about affiliate programs are marketed and benefits for you and your customers, contact us Today !

How It works ?

Here is Short FAQ

We’ll distribute your payments once a month via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can create one here

We have a great Partner Portal for you to use and track referral activity and payment history.

We don’t currently pay commissions for Free accounts but you will get paid once they upgrade!

  • Earn recurring commissions for the life of the account

  • 25% revenue share for the life of the account

  • No limit to how much you can earn