Secured Backup

Secured Backup

“Backup BI and knowledge acquired over the years is integral to its success!”

Today’s businesses need data protection end-to-end in the event of data loss, data recovery must be available, reliable and efficient in order to return the business \ Organization to normal as quickly as possible. Cloud is a software solution for data protection that provides access to enterprise-class single, comprehensive, integrated data protection in a secure manner so that the information exported from your computer – encoded strict standards.
Do I need to understand computers to run the backup? Not at all, it’s our job.

Service and support engineers will install on your computer \ server \ laptop backup software that supports a variety of operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac) and together set the:

  • What should I back up?
  • What will be the encryption password in case you need to recover?
  • What time should I back up?
  • Some versions have to keep back?
  • The email address to send reports?

Once we begin to get information secure servers and be stored there until the time comes when it will be necessary to recover information.